Cube Capital – Investing, Growing, Pivoting And Exiting

Cube Capital – Investing, Growing, Pivoting And Exiting

When Christina Ross kicked off fundraising efforts for her startup, Cube Capital, cloud stocks were falling and the broader market was headed for its worst first half in 50 years. She knew her software could help finance teams manage those turbulences. Integrated Front-to-Back Treasury Management and Asset Liability Management solution. A single platform provides a real-time view of exposures and risks, aiding rapid decisions.


Capital cube provides investment strategies, consulting, various methods of analysis, and brokerage services. The firm also offers advisory services for mergers and acquisitions. Its clients include fund managers, investment banks, and private individuals. It operates in the United Kingdom. Its flagship fund of funds business is CGMS, with over $600 million under management, while the company also runs QBridge, a single manager fund, and Global Opportunities, a closed discretionary opportunity fund. Cube Capital seeks to diversify its portfolio through strategic allocations to hedge funds and direct investments, taking advantage of market dislocations that offer outsized returns.

Its AI-driven platform transforms complex data into digestible analysis reports, empowering investors with on-demand fundamental research and analysis. Its screening tools and unique scores evaluate companies on a variety of dimensions including profitability, dividend strength, earnings momentum, ESG and balance sheet leverage. It also predicts likely corporate actions such as dividend changes, share buybacks and acquisitions. The platform features over 50,000 global stocks and North American ETFs.


Every tech founder and investor is attempting their own personal Everest climb. Cube Capital helps them get to the top by advising them in strategy development, planning and execution when it comes to investing, growing, pivoting and exiting their businesses. Capable of 100 billion daily computations, it delivers scalable machine-created content for investment analysis on 50,000 worldwide stocks and North American ETFs – including micro-cap and pre-revenue analysis. It also delivers a contextual cross-asset Treasury Management System with integrated front-mid-back office treasury, risk analytics and reconciliation along with instrument pricing analytics.


Providing brokerage services to clients, including trading, market research, and investment advice. Brokers also offer investment products, such as managed investment accounts. They are a vital part of the financial industry and are paid commissions on their sales. Cube Capital focuses on investing in hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. The firm manages a fund of funds and two separate investment platforms. It also offers advisory and consulting services. The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and is registered with the FCA in the UK and SEC in the US.

The company’s Intellect platform is a contextual cross-asset Treasury Management System that helps improve top and bottom line through revenue accelerators, optimum capital leverage, and a digital front-to-back treasury and liquidity management solution. Its trader-centric UI provides real-time blotters for position, cash and P&L management. It also offers pre-deal analytics, reconciliation, and instrument pricing analytics along with a robust risk management system.


Traders can use various trading strategies to increase their profits and make more productive trades. These strategies vary by trading style and risk tolerance, but they all aim to generate consistent income. The most successful traders find a strategy that fits their needs and maximizes potential profits. Cube Capital LLP provides investment strategies, consulting, various methods of analysis, brokerage, and trading services. The Company serves fund managers, trusts, and wealthy individuals. The trade finance products is headquartered in New York City and serves clients worldwide.

The company’s strategy is to take advantage of market dislocations where investors can generate outsized returns. This is achieved by investing in hedge funds, direct real estate, and its flagship fund of funds business, CGMS. Moreover, the firm is also focused on diversification by utilizing different strategies as their reading of markets evolves. For example, during the 2008 crisis Cube took on some credit exposure in its GMS portfolio. This included structured credit and investment grade credit to generate returns.


Capital Cube is an indispensable tool that empowers investors, businesses, and financial professionals with comprehensive financial analysis. Offering a treasure trove of data, it aids in informed decision-making and risk assessment, making it a pivotal resource for those navigating the intricate world of finance.


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