Look For Safety Features In A Playground

Look For Safety Features In A Playground

A playground is a great place to help children build strength, coordination and depth perception. However, it is not without risks. In fact, emergency departments treat more than 200,000 playground-related injuries each year. Look for age-appropriate equipment and a safe ground surface that absorbs falls and meets ASTM safety standards. Also make sure that spaces that could trap a child, like openings in guardrails or between ladder rungs are closed.


The surfacing of a playground plays an important role in safety. Playground owners need to choose a material that is safe, tested to current standards and visually appealing. There are a few different types of surfacing options that meet these requirements. One popular option is engineered wood fiber (EWF), which looks similar to natural mulch but is designed specifically for safety. It is inexpensive to install and easy to maintain to a proper depth. It is one of the safest surfacing materials for playgrounds. Other loose-fill surface materials include rubber mulch, sand and pea gravel.

Another popular choice is rubber tile, which is made from recycled shredded tire rubber. It is a high-quality, inclusive surfacing option that provides superior fall height protection and is available in a variety of colors to complement any exterior aesthetic. It is low-maintenance and requires no special tools to install, and it is also compliant with ADA accessibility guidelines. Its durability and shock absorption also make it a popular choice.


In addition to best-in-class safety surfacing, a 안전놀이터 is built with equipment in good physical condition. Look for signs of rust, cracking, and loose parts. Also, check that equipment isn’t overcrowded and that paths between activities are clear for easy travel. Make sure that the equipment is designed for children of various heights and that there are no dangerous hardware, such as open “S” hooks or protruding bolt ends.

The most important thing for kids to do on playgrounds is play safely. This includes not pushing or roughhouseing on jungle gyms, slides, seesaws, and swings. Also, they should always slide feet-first and avoid standing on swings. They should also wear helmets if using bike equipment, avoid clothes with drawstrings that could get caught on equipment, and leave backpacks, bags, and shoes in a designated area away from the equipment. This is especially important for kids on public playgrounds where adults aren’t nearby to watch over them.


Playgrounds give kids the chance to run, climb, swing and slide. Unfortunately, they can also get hurt. From bruises and scrapes to broken bones and head injuries, playgrounds expose kids to all sorts of risks. Supervision is key to a safety playground. In fact, 40% of all playground injuries are attributed to inadequate supervision. Supervision involves active monitoring of children, observing behavior and knowing safe playground rules. It also includes teaching kids to take turns and respect each other.

It’s important that a safety playground have adequate adult-to-child ratios and that adults are trained in the proper methods of supervision. This includes identifying blind spots on the playground, such as areas where it’s impossible to see all the equipment from one location. It’s also vital that the playground have adequate surfacing under and around all equipment, as well as a fall protection system that meets ASTM playground safety standards. Regular inspections should also be conducted to ensure the playground is in good condition.


As a parent, you can teach children how to play safely. You can also examine playgrounds and report any hazards to the town, school or private company in charge of maintaining them. Age-appropriate equipment and carefully designed playground layouts alone won’t prevent all playground injuries, however. Close supervision by an adult is the best way to reduce child injuries while they are at play. Kids trip over their own feet more often than anything else, so a safe playground should be free of extra tripping hazards. It should also have a smooth, even surface to protect young kids from serious injury.

Playground safety courses provide the necessary training to ensure that these rules are observed. This helps protect children from harm and commercial property owners from insurance liability. Those who successfully complete the course can become a qualified playground inspector. This enables them to carry out independent inspections and repairs in accordance with European standards.

Wrapping It Up

A visit to a playground is good for kids’ bodies, brains and social skills. But it’s important to look for safety features. Make sure there’s impact-attenuating surfacing beneath and around all equipment, like wood chips or mulch. Falling on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt or packed dirt cause most playground injuries.


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