How to Apply For Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra

How to Apply For Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra

You might be wondering how to apply for Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra. This article will guide you through the process, as well as the benefits and problems associated with the scheme. Let’s begin. A Universal Travel Pass is an easy-to-use web application that authenticates the urgency of travel on lockdown days, as well as during restricted post-lockdown times. Applicants can register their establishments on the Universal Travel pass website by providing the contact details of a single point of contact. A disclaimer must be approved by the establishment, and the registration is verified by the Disaster Management authority of the district. The coordinator can upload staff details in an excel template. Staff users will receive an SMS to login to the system.

Application for Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra

You can now travel across the entire country using the universal travel pass. The Maharashtra government initially launched this scheme but the central government has also adopted it. Moreover, it does not discriminate against essential service workers, meaning anyone who is 18 or above can apply. The process is simple, but you will need to fill in some personal details like name, date of birth, and address. In case you are under 18, you can still apply for this scheme by paying Rs. 100 for the pass.

Those residents of Mumbai can also apply for the universal travel pass by filling out a simple application form. They must go to the official portal of the state government, fill up the form, and submit it. They must follow the guidelines mentioned therein to be approved before they can travel. The application process for the pass is quite simple, and it can be completed online or through a mobile. Moreover, it must be approved by the higher officials of the state before it can be issued.

Moreover, the Universal Travel Pass has a QR code that can be scanned and verified by the various authorities. It is an important document to travel in Maharashtra, and it is mandatory to obtain one. Without it, you will be fined and punished. It also provides many benefits, including the freedom to travel whenever you want and avoiding diseases. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should apply for a Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra.

Benefits of Universal Travel Pass

A QR-based electronic pass, the Universal Travel Pass is a new initiative launched by the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority (MSDMA) to track the movement of people in and around Mumbai. This is meant to help commuters in Maharashtra have hassle-free travels, as well as protect lives. The new pass will help curb the spread of the Zika virus, which has been growing in many parts of the world and requires people to be properly vaccinated before entering certain areas.

The Universal Travel Pass will allow fully vaccinated people to travel on public transport and enter public places in India. It will also allow candidates in education, medical, and other utilities to travel around the country. The UTP will allow you to check whether you are protected from certain diseases by simply scanning the QR Code. It will also be sent to your mobile phone as an SMS. In order to receive a UTP, you will need to have a valid mobile number and a valid email address.

The Universal Travel Pass will allow you to travel in any area of Maharashtra, even during curfews, lockdowns, and natural disasters. The government’s aim is to make it easier for commuters to get around, while at the same time increasing safety and security. It will also make travelling within Maharashtra much safer for residents and tourists alike. If you don’t have the proper identification documents to travel, you can use fake travel documents to sneak into public areas.

Problems with Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra

The government of Maharashtra has banned all covid stages and introduced a new way for the citizens to roam the city. The Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass is now available for vaccinated residents of the state. However, many people are disappointed with the new system. They don’t know how it will work in the long run or how much it will cost them. But before we look into the issues that might arise, let us first understand what is the purpose of the Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra.

The primary purpose of the Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra is to keep track of people’s movements in Mumbai. It is meant to make travel hassle-free for commuters and to curb the spread of diseases such as Zika. This virus has been evolving across the globe, and people must be checked when they travel. The Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra is supposed to help the public stay safe while traveling. But the process of obtaining it is fraught with problems.

There are some ways to resolve problems with the Universal Travel Pass in Maharashtra. For starters, you can contact the Maharashtra Govt. Universal Travel Pass Telegram Bot to discuss the problems and apply for a new one. You should also visit the official website of the Maharashtra Govt. Universal Travel Pass Telegram Bot to receive updates. You can also apply for a new pass on the official website.


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