CarryMinati Scores a Win! YouTuber Takes the Lead as WinZO Brand Ambassador

WinZO Brand

The Indian gaming landscape just got a major boost! Popular YouTuber CarryMinati, known for his engaging content and massive fanbase, has officially joined forces with WinZO, the leading interactive entertainment platform, as their brand ambassador. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting partnership and how it will shape the future of gaming in India.

A Match Made in Gaming Heaven

This collaboration brings together two giants in their respective fields. WinZO boasts over 75 million users and offers a diverse range of games across various formats and languages. CarryMinati, with a cumulative following exceeding 50 million subscribers, is a youth icon known for his humour, wit, and, of course, his passion for gaming.

Carry Minati’s Influence on the Game

Carry Minati’s influence on young Indians is undeniable. His association with WinZO is a strategic move that will undoubtedly amplify the platform’s reach and connect with a wider audience, particularly young gamers looking to explore the exciting world of WinZO.

Gearing Up for Exclusive Content

As part of this partnership, CarryMinati will be creating exclusive gaming content for WinZO. This content will be streamed live on his channel ‘Carryislive’ and will also feature on his main channel ‘CarryMinati.’ Fans can expect engaging, interactive, and relatable content that will further fuel the gaming passion within the Indian community.

A Thriving Gaming Industry Takes Centre Stage

India’s gaming industry is witnessing phenomenal growth, projected to reach a staggering trillion-dollar market by 2025. This collaboration between WinZO and CarryMinati highlights the immense potential of the industry and paves the way for further development and innovation in the Indian gaming space.

A Win-Win for All

This partnership is a win-win situation for both parties. WinZO gains access to CarryMinati’s massive fanbase, allowing them to expand their reach and attract new users. CarryMinati, on the other hand, can leverage WinZO’s platform to showcase his gaming skills and connect with a wider audience. Ultimately, it’s a positive development for the entire Indian gaming ecosystem.


rajkotupdates The CarryMinati-WinZO partnership marks a significant moment for the Indian gaming scene. With CarryMinati’s influence and WinZO’s reach, this collaboration promises to propel the industry forward, fostering a vibrant and engaged gaming community in India.


  • Is Carry Minati really the brand ambassador for WinZO?

Yes, CarryMinati was officially announced as the brand ambassador for WinZO in January 2022.

  • What kind of content will CarryMinati create for WinZO?

CarryMinati will be creating exclusive gaming content, including live streams and videos, that will be engaging and relatable for WinZO’s audience.

  • How will this partnership benefit the Indian gaming industry?

This collaboration is expected to increase awareness and interest in gaming, leading to further growth and development of the industry in India.


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