Under Armour HOVR Shoes: The Ultimate Cushioning for Your Feet

Under Armour HOVR Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can provide you with comfort, support, and performance, you might want to check out the Under Armour HOVR shoes. These shoes are designed with a revolutionary cushioning technology that absorbs shock, returns energy, and adapts to your foot shape. Whether you are running, training, playing basketball, or hiking, there is a UA HOVR shoe for you. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and varieties of the UA HOVR shoes.

What is UA HOVR Technology?

UA HOVR is a proprietary cushioning technology developed by Under Armour in collaboration with Dow Chemical Company. It consists of a foam compound that is wrapped in an energy web mesh. The foam provides a soft and responsive feel, while the mesh compresses and rebounds to deliver energy return and durability. The result is a cushioning system that reduces the impact of every step and helps you run longer, faster, and smoother.

What are the Benefits of UA HOVR Shoes?

UA HOVR shoes offer several benefits for different types of athletes and activities. Some of the benefits are:

  • Comfort: UA HOVR shoes are designed to conform to your foot shape and provide a snug and secure fit. The cushioning also reduces fatigue and soreness in your feet, legs, and joints.
  • Support: UA HOVR shoes feature structured midsoles that stabilize your movements and prevent excessive pronation or supination. The shoes also have reinforced uppers that provide lightweight and rugged protection for your feet.
  • Performance: UA HOVR shoes enhance your performance by delivering energy return and propulsion. The cushioning helps you launch off the ground with more force and speed. Some UA HOVR shoes are also smart shoes that connect to the UA MapMyRun app for real-time coaching and feedback.

What are the Varieties of UA HOVR Shoes?

UA HOVR shoes come in various models and styles for different sports and preferences. Some of the popular UA HOVR shoes are:

  • UA HOVR Machina 3 Clone: These running shoes feature a clone technology that adapts to your foot shape and stride for a personalized fit. They also have a carbon rubber outsole that provides traction and durability.
  • UA HOVR Phantom 3 SE: These running shoes have a sock-like knit upper that hugs your foot for a breathable and comfortable feel. They also have a speedform 2.0 sockliner that molds to your foot for extra cushioning
  • UA HOVR Turbulence 2: These training shoes are built to handle any workout with ease. They have a mesh upper that provides ventilation and flexibility. They also have a full rubber outsole that offers grip and stability.
  • UA HOVR Dawn Waterproof 2.0: These boots are ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures. They have a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry and warm. They also have a Michelin outsole that delivers traction and durability on any terrain.
  • UA HOVR Mega 2 MVMNT: These sportstyle shoes are perfect for casual wear and everyday activities. They have a sleek design that combines style and functionality. They also have a full-length HOVR midsole that provides cushioning and support.


UA HOVR shoes are among the best cushioned shoes in the market today. They offer comfort, support, and performance for various types of athletes and activities. They also come in different models and styles to suit your preferences and needs. If you want to experience the ultimate cushioning for your feet, you should try the UA HOVR shoes today. You can find them at Under Armour’s official website or at [other online retailers].


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